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What is mx5 International

Mx5 international is a Major community network dedicated to the MX5/Miata/Roadster where owners and cars mix together along with enthusiasts, artists, racers, clubs and pros. It's a fastly growing community of 1400+ registered cars and members, 16k+ followers and fans on social networks.

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But why ?

It all started in 2011 when we decided to build a simple private application for us, owners of one or multiple mx-5, to track the modications and maintenance made over years on our roadsters. And when you start working for your passion, it can be very stimulating. Ideas came naturally, and it ended up being way more massive than expected.

Essential features

Multi devices No app required.

We built the website around one idea. If you're navigating on a smartphone, a tablet or a computer, you should have the same user experience. This is why Mx5i is compatible with all modern devices, with exactly the same features, without having to download or install any application


Privacy-friendly No compromise.

Nowadays social networks tends to be less and less compatible with online privacy. This is why we decided to let the user make his own choices about his/her identity, and every informations. You decided to call yourself Zorglub and you come from Mars ? No problem, welcome on Mx5i, make yourself at home.

privacy friendly

Constantly evolving Doing it right.

We are actually doing better than pokemons when it comes to evolving. Listening to feedbacks, looking for the needs and requirements, adding features and improving sections, the Mx5i website is in perpetual evolution.

privacy friendly

Mx5 International is 100% free forever, and registrating an account won't take more than a minute


What does make Mx5 International unique

Separate entities

Manage your user account and each of your cars individually

Location based

Find new enthusiasts and cars in your surroundings

Informations database

Plenty of available ressources about the mx5

Unlimited content

We host all your mx5 photos for free on our servers

Real-time technology

No refresh needed, all the content is updated in real time


Receive content notifications, even on your phone if you decide to

Car management

Manage your installed parts, your maintenances and repairs

Fun to use

Animations, interactions, plenty of achievements and badges

The team

Those are the fanatics who are working on Mx5i

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Alias Starlight, the alpha and the omega of Mx5 International. She brought ideas, concepts and features to life. Acquired her first mx-5 in 1998 and sharing her passion since then

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Alias Dns, the only developer and system administrator of Mx5i. mx-5 enthusiast thanks to Starlight since 2006. No wonder why he got married to her.

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Alias Pistache, handling the communication over the various social networks since 2015, along with community management since mx5i opening. Acquired his first mx-5 in 2012

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Have you seen any ad or popup around ? Nope, because Mx5 international is 100% ad-free.
This is the dream of three enthusiasts that want to share their passion and their vision, using their own funds, and their own skills to make something different, something unique.
And this is why we are accepting any kind of contribution and donation. We even have some goodies for our contributors / donators !

There is no minimum amount, any contribution is greatly welcome

Brands and Businesses.

Tired of broadcasting into space, Mx5i connect you directly to the right audience and let you deliver a quality content to the enthusiasts. Forget about clickbaits or invasive advertising, we're looking for a quality partnership that will transform into a much better engagement from your audience.


Conquering new lands.

Mx5i has been built from scratch without any limitation : the whole website engine is compatible and portable to any kind of enthusiast community. It means that using our technology, you could run your own network, based on any other vehicule type, model and brand. Guess what ? It's not even restricted to cars.


Have any question ?
Don't hesitate to contact us, we speak French and English

Ready to join the Mx5i community ?
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