Questions and Answers section !

Here comes a nice new section on mx5i dedicated to the help that can be provided by a community
Hey there !

So we have worked on a fresh new section, called Questions and answers. We didn’t reinvent  the wheel, we just made an interface that allow the community to post questions, and answer to those questions.

The goal is to build a nice multi-language database of issues or questions about the mx5 and others, and to have a reliable source of answers.

wow new stuff here !

This is such a big button

A minimalist question form, yet very efficient

Now that’s a good question.

Those as answers, with the “selected by author” one, which kinda close a question. Basically it means the issue is solved, and that the solution proposed was the good one.

Of course, there are plenty of new notifications related to this section.

We hope you will appreciate this new section. Let’s build a damn database all together.
Everything related to questions and answers give exp, and user rewards. More about this soon !

Also we fixed some stuff here and there, improved social sharing, improved SEO, added a new fancy notification :

That’s all for today !

The mx5i team

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