Listings interface revamped !

We made some nice changes on the car, member and groups listing interface to make it more user friendly. Also added the invitation system. Come check out what's new
Hey there, and happy new year !

First of all, thank you for being a part of this growing community, we really enjoy reading the adventures of our new and old members, their relation with their mx5, the changes, the progress. We are more motivated than ever to improve Mx5i and make it widely known !

About improvements, we pushed a new update on Mx5 International today, including a complete revamp of the car, member and groups listing, with a brand new interface, including an easier reading on desktop or mobile

We also reworked the filtering and sorting options. It should be now much easier to read and understand.

Along with this, we added a new invitation system where you can set a list of your friend’s emails. Each one will receive a nice invitational email giving informations about Mx5 International.

Here is the email that your friend will receive. Of course “dns” will be replaced by the name you will choose on the invitational form : 

Once again, have a great year 2018
Much love,

The Mx5i team

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1 year ago
What a great idea to increase the awareness of MX5i. Unfortunately, I don’t have many eMail
addresses of fellow MX-5 owners. If I were to contact them it would be via FaceBook. I wonder how I could send the invitation, in the format you designed, through FaceBook. ie, It would be necessary for the link to MX5i to work.
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1 year ago
thank you Wilko, the changes have been made. Now there is an option to send a message to facebook friends. Sadly the facebook access is quite restricted for external apps like Mx5i, but it should help !
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