Supercharging Mx5 International

We just pushed a huge update on Mx5i that is greatly improving performances and we also added some new features. Let's take a look at what's new around here !
I don’t want to turn this article into a boring dev’s blog, so let’s keep it simple
This is basically what we’ve done those last weeks : 

Improvements and fixes :

- Improved loading speed greatly
- Going way more mobile friendly with much less bandwidth consummed while loading and browsing
- Added windows 10 tile icons
- Raised activity font size and padding for a better readability
- For desktop and tablet users, we added an about us menu on the left, as the footer was unreachable due to the infinite scrolling
- Recompressed the whole interface graphics and user uploaded photos
- Website ressources weight reduction, called on demand
- Lazy loading the photos, which means that they’re beeing loaded only when reaching your screen viewport
- Fixed some guides / tours
- Added more tooltips
- Fixed some french translations

Additions and new features :

- Implemented the Activity/Post Preview feature.
No more panic when pressing the “post” button, now you can set up your post and your photos, and preview the result.

- Zoom function on gallery photos
Available for all kind of devices, photos can now be zoomed 

- Guide / Tour for activity writing and photos posting
Right below your new post text editor, you will find a link to the guide, explaining the different features of the text editor

- Loading older messages from messenger
Now when you are scrolling to the top of your messenger conversation, you will get the previous messages

- Readmore button on frontpage posts
When the posts are being a bit long, the content will be automatically hidden, togglable with a readmore button

- Implemented the points of interest
Brand new feature that you can use to add and share your favorite places, and mention them in your posts. 

As this required a major rewrite of core functions, some bugs might still need to be squashed. As always don’t hesitate to report to us any issue you encountered.

Have a great fckin’ day !
The Mx5i team

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9 months ago
Great features ; I especially appreciate the zoom function on photo gallery. Good job👍
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9 months ago
Well done !!
It keeps going more and more user friendly !
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9 months ago
nice bug in the comments here haha
Profile image
9 months ago
Ok the double posts in the comments is fixed, damn it !
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